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Sunset Mortgage brings together the experience of some of the top mortgage,
management and supervisory talent available. Darin Moore, with over 25 years in mortgage funding and underwriting, corporate planning, loan servicing and accounting, leads the Sunset Mortgage team.

Investing in a deed of trust with Sunset Mortgage is a pleasant and rewarding experience as the team strives for maximum return while seeking to limit exposure to loss. Just take a look at some of the great reasons Sunset Mortgage should be your investment firm.

Sunset Mortgage has been funding private money real estate loans since 1991. Darin K. Moore, President and Owner, has been a private money lender since 1984.

Sunset Mortgage generates millions of dollars worth of quality loans per year. Sunset Mortgage has experienced one of the lowest default rates in the industry, due to conservative underwriting.

In the event of a collection problem, Sunset Mortgage assists all of their investors in the collection process.

Investing in Deeds of Trust can have many additional benefits. Contact Darin Moore for additional information or to review you investment needs.

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